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Video Acoustic Keytar

Some say this delicate instrument was forged by the gods. Others claim it's just cobbled together with Krazy Glue and Velcro strips. All we know for certain is that we're almost positive there's no one else in a 100-mile radius doing this.


Here's Jay performing "Dios Te Bendiga," from his album Mess of Happiness, at Normaltown Hall in Athens, Ga.


And here are more Acoustic Keytar performances

Turning Me On

Did you know that popular music can become sentient, self-replicating, and ultimately suffer a nervous breakdown? Another hit from "Mess of Happiness"



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The Kickstarter video that earned Jay $10K*

(*Funding may have actually been due to Jay's prodigious musical talent and not this video. No guarantees express or implied.)






Punch of Love

From the album Mess of Happiness


The Strong One



Phil's Fro

From Mess of Happiness


All videos written/directed/etc by John Britt


The Bitter Suite - Live at The 40 Watt, Feb. 12, 2015



Courtesy Jonicont



Trampoline - Tour Bus Recording for Couch by Couchwest 2015